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The details of policies/instructions which have been issued by this office sought vide letter under reference are as under:-


Sr. No. Subject / Description No. & Date of issue of letter.
(A) Instructions regarding Group Housing Societies.
1. Framing of policy for extension in time period for completion of projects by societies. 148-169/09.01.2001
2. Framing of revised extension policy for completing construction on Group Housing Sites allotted by HUDA. 6835-62 / 19.05.2010
3. Provision for 0.5% commercial area in Group Housing pockets / colonies and 3 tier basements in commercial areas 4988-5033/22.07.2003
4. Regarding carving out of regular shaped Group Housing plots. 10940-68/19.11.2008
5. Comprehensive instructions regarding permission for changing the number and size of dwelling units / transfer of membership and increase in FAR, in case of allotment made to societies under Group Housing Schemes of HUDA. 54-112 / 02.01.2009
5.(a) Comprehensive instructions regarding permission for changing the number and size of dwelling units / transfer of membership and increase in FAR, in case of allotment made to societies under Group Housing Schemes of HUDA. 8640-8700 04.09.2015
6. Regarding operationlization of the provisions of Haryana Apartment Ownership Act-1983 on Group Housing Societies. 6745-67 / 17.05.2010
7. Regarding operationalization of the provision of the Haryana Apartment Ownership Act, 1983 on Group Housing Socities. 4578/30.05.2011
8. Charging of stamp duty from Group Housing Societies as well as between Colonizers/HUDA. 8880/26-7-2012
9. Policy for fixation of rates of composition fees for compounding the offence as per the provision of Section 24 C of the Haryana Apartment Ownership Act 1983 14287-14315/14-10-2013
9(a). Policy for extension in time limit for completion of projects on the sites allotted under Group Housing norms 43486/ 09-08-2016
9(b). Request for amendment of clause 6A of Co- operative Group Housing scheme-2005 pertaining to restrictions in change or membership to the extent of 25% of the original membership/ dwelling unit 158062/ 06-08-2018
(B) Instructions regarding to Zoning Regulation / Building Bye Laws
10. Zoning plans of religious/para religious building sites- Provision of residence for priest/ care taker. 4588-4613 / 01.09.2000
11. Provision of barrier free environment in all new Govt. Buildings and public utilities for persons with disability.  6865-89 /26.07.2001
12(a). Finalization of zoning plan of Multiplex Cinema Complex - Framing of policy. 8733-64/18.10.2001
12(b). Regarding increase in FAR of Cinema/Multiplex sites-Revision in Policy. 492-574/10.01.2014
12(c). Regarding increase in FAR of Cinema/Multiplex sites-Revision in Policy. 3873-954/07.03.2014
13. Instruction regarding procedure for  finalization of zoning plans. 12436-83 / 13.11.2007
14. Instructions regarding finalization of Zoning Plans before offer of possession. 2847-69 /21.04.2009
15. Regarding finalization of zoning plan of various sectors. 12407-435/14.11.2007
16. Provisions of stilt parking in industrial plots. 6337-61/16.07.2009
17. Policy regarding removal of height restriction, permission for four level basement and increase in FAR of institutional plot in HUDA sector. 9602-58 /09.08.10
18. Approval of Double Basement for General Industries in Industrial Area of HUDA- Policy thereof. 10477-10534/07.09.2010
19. Amendment in HUDA (erection of buildings) Regulation 1979. 11544-634/09.12.2009
20. Regarding structural drawing to be submitted with building plan.

21. Regarding allowing access to the roof of the top most floor of residential buildings through covered stair case-allowing exemption in height for construction of mamti. 5722/18.05.2012
22. Increase the height of residential plots & provision of stilt parking 19.08.2013
23. Clarification of height in stilt and staircase area in stilt portion for residential plot 15907-15995/13.11.2013
24. Approval of Zoning plans of Hospital sites.   11636-11670/16.7.2014
25. Adoption of the Haryan Building Code 2016 30.06.2016
25(a) Clarification regarding building regulation -11 of HUDa Regulations 1979 18.01.2017
25(b) Regarding construction of First Floor on the Booths and Service Booths in the HUDA markets, Haryana 18.01.2017
25(c) The Haryan Building Code 2017 07.03.2017
25(d) Clarification_development_norms_zoning_parameters_clinic_nursing home_hospital sites provided in HSVP 143656/17.07.2018
25(e) Construction_first_floor_booth_service_booth_HSVP_Market_Haryana 167566_68/21.08.2018
25(f) Approval of standard zoning plan various categories of residential plots in Haryana 188358/18.09.2018
(C) Instructions regarding Land Acquisition

Site report on application for release of land from acquisition

738-64 / 25.01.2006
27. Procedure to be followed for acquisition of land under urgency clause for HUDA. 11275-313/02.12.2008
28. Regarding reconciliation of land acquired for HUDA.  6338-6419/05.05.2010
29. Land Pooling Scheme for acquisition and development of residential sectors 10431/10.09.2012
29(a). Policy purchase of land by HSVP for infrastructure projects or otherwise and exchange of HSVP land with the land of developers_land owners 143750/17.07.2018
29(b). Land Pooling Policy 2019 of HSVP 118045-46/04.07.2019
(D) Instructions regarding Planning of Sectors and provision of Infrastructural facilities
30. Provision of land for taxi stand.  4953-79/28.09.2005
31. Revision of standard road width in sectors 510-33/20.01.2006
32. General Instructions regarding preparation of residential layout plans 1171-93 /07.02.2006
33. Instruction regarding approval of revised part demarcation plans at local level 1456-60/28.02.2007
34. Provision of sites for EWS housing 1743-68 / 14.03.2007
35. Technical instruction regarding preparation of layout plans etc. 1800-24/15.03.2007
36. EOI for topographical survey overlay of cadastre and preparation of detailed layout of different town in Haryana. 3249-54/11.04.2008
37. Instruction regarding finalization of layout and demarcation plans of shopping centres. 3263-3317/15.04.2008
38. Policy regarding Const. of Day Care Centres 4985-5035/30.05.2008
39. Provision of Poly Clinic in U.E of HUDA. 9309-44 / 22.09.2008
40. Formulation of policy for re-numbering of plots in case of deleted /omitted plots 6149-73/10.07.2009
41. Instruction regarding finalization of layout plans after notification U/S -6 of the Land Acquisition Act. 6790-6816/28.07.2009
42. Comprehensive policy regarding handing over of possession of acquired land preparation of plans and floatation of sectors - Amendments therein.


43. Revision of Standard Road width in sectors 510-33 / 20.01.2006
44. Broad basing the definition of 'P' or 'SP' category of Plots in HUDA sectors-partial modification of the policy. 11176-11226 / 25.11.2009
(E) Instructions regarding Residential plots.
45. Policy for regularization of shape of residential plots in Urban Estates of HUDA 2841-86/06.05.2003
46. Clarification regarding architectural control sheets/standard designs/ frame control - Relaxation in internal changes.   6778-6800/29.12.2005
47. Composition rates for compoundable violations in plotted residential development applicable to T&CP Department & HUDA. 17370-414/28.09.2006
48. Regarding amendments in compounding policy of residential areas. 6638-86/17.07.2008
49. Delegation of powers to compound the violations made by the allottees during the const. of building on the allotted plots. 10156-88 / 22.10.2008
50. New guide lines for approval of building plans in respect of residential plots (Excluding Group Housing plots). 3726-49 / 13.05.2009
51. Regarding projections in residential plots of HUDA. 5306-85 / 22.06.2009
52. Composition rates for compoundable violation in industrial, institutional and group housing sites applicable to T&CP Department & HUDA. 9427-9510/05.10.2009
(F) Instructions regarding Commercial plots.
53. Earmarking of small commercial sites for essential trades in different Urban Estate of HUDA. 800-825/29.01.2004
54. Allowing commercial component in Hotel Sites 16890-937/24.12.2007
55. Guide lines regarding clubbing of commercial site. 5113-35 / 17.06.2009
56. Relaxation in height norms and exemption of service floor from FAR for HUDA allotted hotel sites above 1.0 acres in size. 8294-8342 /02.07.2010
56(a). Permission to convert Shop-cum-Flat (SCF) into Shop-cum-Office (SCO) in HUDA Shopping Centres 62610-62621/06.09.2016
(G) Miscellaneous Instructions
57. Policy for setting up of communication towers by Private Operators. 5466-5520/20.08.2004
58. Communication and connectivity Infrastructure Policy-2013 393-395/14.05.2013
59. Computerization Programme of HUDA-up gradation of demarcation plans and assigning unique property numbers

16262-292 /11.12.07
60. Guidelines for preparation of demarcation plans. 1526-59/6.2.12
61. Policy regarding revision of Norms/Guidelines/ parameters for grant of change of land use permission for setting up of retail outlet for compressed natural gas/ petroleum/ natural gas station/ petrol pump/ fuel filling station in the State of Haryana. 311/3.6.2013
62. Policy exchange of HUDA land with the land of developers/ individuals land owners amendment thereof 25186/8.02.2017
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