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Sr.No.CategorySubjectMemo NumberMemo Date
1 Policy Revised compounding rates of commercial sites governed by Architectural Controls. 18361131/10/2022
2 Instruction Regarding revision of compounding rates of commercial site of SCOs auction without basement but it allottee constructs the basement after getting the basement building plan sanctioned (Amendment / Addition in the revised compounding rates policy 2022) 7246019/03/2024
3 Instruction Public Notice - Self Certification Policy of Building Plans Sr.Arch/Auth-2007/706426/02/2007
4 Instruction Guidelines for Self Assessment of Compoundable violations SA-HUDA-09/218608/06/2009
5 Instruction Instructions regarding sanctioning of Building plan submitted on the basis of std, design/ Arch. Control issued by HUDA. SA-HUDA-2008/ 3237-4108/10/2008
6 Instruction Regarding allowing access to the roof of the top most floor of residential buildings through covered stair case-allowing exemption in height for construction of mamti. No' AUTH'/2012I1550525/04/2012
7 Instruction Provision of approach to terrace of DSS and SIS in HUDA Market Chief Arch./2016/8640006/10/2016
8 Instruction Guidelines for Allotment of HUDA staff quarters to HUDA employees all over Haryana Enf. Br./2016/10090028/10/2016
9 Instruction Compounding policy Commercial sites 1326-133029/07/2005
10 Instruction Architecture designs_job no. 3326 and 3327 Job no. 3326 and 332715/02/2018
11 Instruction Architectural controls of Booths and Dhabas with storage on Ist floor Job no. 3332/2-S,3321,3335,3337/2S01/07/2018
12 Instruction Additional Compounding of some violations in commercial buildings governed by Architecture controls in all U/Es of Haryana Chief Arch./SA(1)/2013/ 2605-265607/10/2013
13 Instruction Development of Website of Haryana Right To Service Commission Endst No. CE-HUDA-(M)-200 1/8705-87118/10/2001