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Residential Plot


The Residential Plots in a new sector are allotted by inviting applications in the leading newspapers. Allotment is made by conducting the draw from the applications received against the advertisement. All the successful applicants are issued a letter of allotment by including all terms & conditions of allotvevment and mode of schedule of payment. This allotment is made as per the provisions of Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) Act, 1977.


Schedule of payment
Transfer of Plot
Documents required for Transfer of Plot
Present Extension Policy
No Dues/Non Encumberances Certificate/Permission to mortgage
Reservation for various Categories Amendment thereof


The following is the payment schedule for residential plots allotted by draw of lots :-

10% of tentative cost of the plot to be paid as earnest  money at the time of submission of application.

15% of  the tentative cost of the plot to be paid within 30 days from the date of issuance of letter of allotment.

Balance 75% of the tentative price of the plot is payable within 60 days in lumpsum without interest from the date of issuance of the allotment letter or in six annual instalments with 9%  rate of interest. The first instalment is payable after  expiry of one year of the date of issue of allotment letter. The interest, on the remaining amount however, accrues from the date of offer of possession.

The  interest  @ 11%  per annum is chargeable on the  delayed payments for the delayed period as per existing policy.



The following guidelines/policies for transfer of Residential and Commercial Plots allotted by HUDA are applicable w.e.f  7.03.2000

The transfer of residential / commercial plots wherein either full payment has already been made or laid down / Schedule of payment of instalments is over., whichever is earlier , shall be allowed only through execution of conveyance deed/sale deed. However, in other cases wherein full payment of the plot has not so far been made / Schedule of payment of instalments is not yet over, a maximum four trasfers shall be allowed before final payment.

For the purpose of determining the rate of transfer fee, various Urban Estates have been grouped into the following zones :-

Sr. No. Zone Urban Estate
1. High Potential Zone Gurgaon, Faridabad, Panchkula.
2. Medium Potential Zone Karnal, Panipat, Bahadurgarh.
3. Low Potential Zone Rest of  Urban Estates.

  • The transfer fee applicable in various zones are as under:-


No.of Transfer Transfer Fee
    High            Medium         Low
  Potential       Potential     Potential
   Zone              Zone            Zone
1st  Transfer  75.00          60.00          40.00
2nd Transfer   75.00           60.00          40.00
3rd Transfer  100.00          75.00          50.00
4th Transfer   100.00          75.00          50.00


    In cases where the Deed of Conveyance of the plot has been executed, transfer shall be permitted on payment of Rs. 5000/- as administrative charges and on production of a certified copy of Sale Deed. No limit of transfer in such cases has been prescribed.

    The family transfer, as defined in the policy, includes father, mother, sons, daughters, sisters, brother husband, wife, daughter-in-law and son-in-law. Transfer of plot shall be allowed on payment of Rs. 5000/- as administrative charges. In case of built up houses, the transfer is allowed on payment of administrative charges of Rs. 5000/- and on production of certified copy of sale deed.

    Addition or deletion of the name of spouse of the allottee shall be permitted on payment of administrative charges of Rs. 5,000/- but only on case of vacant plots and where deed of conveyance has not been executed.

    In case of constructed house, the allottee will first get the Deed of Conveyance registered in his/her name, thereafter permission for transfer will be granted on payment of administrative charges of Rs. 5000/-


  • In death case :- following documents are required:

a)   Attested copy of death certificate.

b)   No objection certificate from all legal heirs with photograph.

c)    Pay Order/Bank draft of Rs.5000/- as administrative charges in favour of Estate Officer, HUDA,concerned.


WHAT ARE THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR TRANSFER OF PLOTS ? The seller is required to make an application on non judicial stamp paper worth Rs.3/- duly attested by the Ist class Magistrate with two witnesses and their complete addresses alongwith photostat copies of following documents :-

  • Photostat copy of Allotment Letter.
  • Photostat copies of receipts of payments made to HUDA.
  • Photostat copy of Possession Certificate.
  • Bank draft of required amount in favour of Estate Officer, HUDA, concerned.

  • Two attestted photographs by 1st class Megistrate/Gazetted officer of seller and purchaser each.

The purpose of taking these documents is to know that the applicant who is putting an application for transfer of plot is genuine allottee of the plot.

Before applying for permission, the allottee must  ensure that all dues/arrears have been cleared.

After verification/satisfaction of the Estate Officer, the permission shall be granted and Permission Letter shall be sent by registered post. The permission is allowed on certain conditions which are valid for 60 days only. In case the allottee fails to comply with the conditions within stipulated time, the Permission Letter stand automatically cancelled. 



    According to HUDA policy, the allottee is required to complete the construction of a Residential/Commercial plot within 2 years from the date of offer of possession. The offer of possession of plot is given after completing all the development works in the sector. Further provision of a further extension of time for construction upto 13 years has also been made on the following terms and conditions :-

    A period of 13 years has been allowed to all the allottees for the construction of house after the expiry of normal period of 2 years from the date of offer of possession. Thus the new extension policy would be continues one and would not expire at the end of any calendar year thereby giving equal opportunity of maximum 13 years extension to all the allottees.

The extension policy was introduced in HUDA for the first time during the year 1987. Therefore, the year of 1987 has been considered as the BASE YEAR for the purpose of extension policy.

    Provided that in case of offer of possession made prior to 30.6.87, the year 1987 shall be considered as first year for the purposes of counting of extension period of 15 years. 

The rates of extension fee for the period of 13 years are given as under :-

Zone         Urban Estate
Hyper Potential Zone Urban Estate, Gurgaon.
High Potential Zone


Urban Estate, Faridabad                                                                                             Ballabhgarh Complex, Sonepat-Kundli Multi Functional Urban Complex,                 Panipat & Panchkula. 
Medium Potential Zone Bahadurgarh, Hisar, Rewari, Dharuhera.
Low Potential Zone All other Urban Estates developed by HUDA.

 Residential plots :-       Rate per

Year in which the plot falls after the expiry of the normal period of construction.








In case of Plots up to 100 Sq. yards. (irrespective of zone)


Ist Block        
1st Year  20.00 15.00 10.00 6.00
2nd Year 20.00 15.00 10.00 6.00
3rd Year 20.00 15.00 10.00 6.00
2nd Block        
4th Year 35.00  25.00  15.00 10.00
5th Year 35.00  25.00 15.00 10.00
6th Year 35.00  25.00 15.00 10.00
3rd Block        
7th Year  50.00  35.00 20.00 15.00
8th Year  50.00  35.00 20.00 15.00
9th Year 50.00  35.00 20.00 15.00
4th Block        
10th Year 75.00 50.00  30.00 20.00
11th Year 75.00 50.00  30.00 20.00
12th Year  75.00 50.00  30.00 20.00
5th Block        
13th Year   80.00  55.00 30.00 20.00
14th Year  80.00  55.00 30.00 20.00
15th Year   80.00  55.00 30.00 20.00
6th Block        
16th Year 85.00 60.00 35.00 20.00
17th Year 85.00 60.00 35.00 20.00
18th Year 85.00 60.00 35.00 20.00
7th Block        
19th Year 90.00 65.00 40.00 20.00
20th Year 100.00 75.00 50.00 20.00

Note :-

1.         Only, Urban Estate Gurgaon has been declared as Hyper Potential Zone, w.e.f. Calendar year 2006. The existing  rates of extension for Gurgaon Urban Estate for the calendar year 2006 are Rs. 150/- per Sq. mtr.   

2.         Complete Policy instructions  are available on this site which can be viewed   in the Policy section (Home Page)  under the heading Urban Branch-I.

Commercial plots

    In respect of commercial sites upto 2 storeys and more than 2 storeys, the rates for extension fee may be charged  @ two times and @ three times of the above said rates of residential plots respectively.





The allottee is required to submit an application duly signed, to the Estate Officer, concerned for no dues and non encumberances certificates. In case of permission to mortgage  he/she must mention the name of firm/bank/financial institution from where he/she wants to take the loan.



The existing reservation is as under:-

Category All 
4 Marla to 6
upto 3
1  Scheduled Castes / Scheduled Tribes Nil 15% 20%  
* 2 Backward Class Nil 3% 5%  
3 War Widow / Disabled Soldiers Nil 3% 5%  
4 Widows (Other than war widows) Nil 2% 3%  
5 Freedom Fighters, their Children & Grand Children Nil 2% 2%  
6 Handicapped /blinds ( 1% each) Nil 2%        ( 4,6,8 Marla) 2%  
7 Haryana Government Servants 
including employees of Board/
Corporation, Employees of Municipal Corporation/Committees/Improvement Trust/ State Co-Op Banks under Haryana Government
10% 10% 10% ( 2% for retired 
employees / 
retiring in next five years


(a) Defence Personnel / Ex-Servicemen

(b) Paramilitary Forces like CRPF, BSF, ITBP, RPF, GSF, CFEF etc. of Domicile of Haryana State.

8% 8% 8%  
9 Legal heirs/dependents of the Police Personnel killed in action. 2% 2% 2%  
10. Advocates (Permanent  Resident of Haryana)(As per table given below)
Sr. No. Zone % Age of Plots to be reserved.




Hyper and High Potential Zones which include           (a) Urban Estate of Gurgaon.                                         (b) Controlled areas in Gurgaon District including controlled area declared around Sohna Town.                (c) Controlled areas of Panipat and Kundli-Sonepat   Multi-Functional Urban Complex.                                   (d) Periphery Controlled areas of Panchkula.     Nil (They can apply for the plots as general category alongwith others)







Medium Potential Zone which includes                          (a) Controlled areas of Karnal, Kurukshetra, Ambala City, Ambala Cantt, Yamunanagar, Hisar, Rohtak, Rewari-Bawal-Dharuhera Complex, Ganaur, Oil Refinery Panipat (Baholi).                                              (b) Controlled areas of Faridabad District including  controlled areas around towns like Palwal and Hodel. 5%



(iii) Low Potential Zone which includes all the remaining  controlled areas declared in the State. 10%


*  Reservation with regard to backward class has further been segregated into two groups viz Group 'A' (59%) & Group 'B' (41%).

In case of non-availability of sufficient number of applicants in oneblock, the applicants from other block shall be considered for the purpose.

Note:-     Policy making being a dynamic process, the policies keep on changing/updated. Latest Policies may be kindly be viewed under the Policy section by accessing the same through the Home page of this site.

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