The institutional sites are categories as under:-
1.   Social/Religious/Charitable/philanthropic/trusts.
2.   Other institutions not covered in 1 above.
The institutional sites are advertised for sale through leading news papers. The applications so received against sites belonging to category 1 above are scrutinised by a committee headed by Dy. Commissioner of the Distt. concerned. The applications received against category (2) above are however, scrutinised by a separate committee headed by zonal Administrator, HSVP. The rates of allotment of sites, relating to category 1 above are highly subsidised.
The recommendation of the committee(s) are placed in the meeting of the Authority for approval and after the approval of the Authority, the sites are offered. Normally 2 sites for religious/social/charitable institutions are provided in the layout plan of each sector at different places.

The institutional sites are allotted to Social/Charitable Trust/ Religious Institutions/ Philanthropic institutions/ Trust and Govt. Deptt./Boards and Corporations on concessional rates. The institutions are required to complete the construction upon the plot within a period of 2 yrs. from the date of offer of possession. The matter has been considered and it has been decided that a maximum period of 3 yrs. of extension may be allowed to the institutions/trusts to complete the construction. This would mean that institutional sites shall have to be constructed within a period 5 yrs. from the date of offer of possession (including 2 yrs. without any extension fee as expressly mentioned in the terms and conditions of allotment). The institutions have been categorised as under :-

  • Social/Charitable trust/Religious institutions/Philanthropic institutions/ trusts.
  • The institutions other than those mentioned at point No.1 including Educational Institutions.
For the purpose of determining the rates of extension fee, various Urban Estates have been grouped into the following zones :-

Sr.No. Zone Urban Estate
1 High Potential Gurgaon, Faridabad, Panchkula
2 Medium Potential Karnal, Panipat, Bahadurgarh
3 Low Potential Rest of the Urban Estates

The extension fee to the institutions applicable in various zones shall be as under :-

Sr.No. Zone Social/Religious Others (Rates in per
1 High Potential
Ist Year Rs.5.00 Rs.10.00
IInd Year Rs.8.00 Rs.15.00
IIIrd Year Rs.10.00 Rs.20.00
2 Medium Potential
Ist Year Rs.3.00 Rs.8.00
IInd Year Rs.5.00 Rs.10.00
IIIrd Year Rs.8.00 Rs.15.00
3 Low Potential
Ist Year Rs.2.00 Rs.5.00
IInd Year Rs.3.00 Rs.8.00
IIIrd Year Rs.5.00 Rs.10.00