HSVP Oustees Application Form

To be applied only by Legal Heirs Who applied under the advertisement of year 2018.

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Urban Estate: *


Sector: *


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Date Of Section 4 Notification: *


Area of applicant U/S 4: *


Date Of Section 6 Notification: *


Area of applicant U/S 6: *


Area of applicant awarded acquired land: *


Date of award: *


Award No: *


Is applicant land owner as on date of notification U/S 4: *


Is land owner died: *


Sector for Which land acquired *


Any other land in the revenue estate: *


Whether any land released: *


Whether 75% land acquired in revenue Estate: *

Whether applicant allotted plot under oustees category in sole name or co-sharar or other category by HSVP: *

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 Upload Documents :   (Each file should be less than 1MB and PDF Only)
1)Copy Of Jamabandi for the year immediatly prior to date of issue of notification U/S 4 and at the time of award. *
2)Certificate of LAO Regarding acquisition of land. *
3)Certificate of DTP Regarding sector for which land acquired. *
4)Certificate of Tehsildar Regarding acquisition of 75% land in revenue estate. *
5)Legal Heir Certificate from Tehsildar concerned regarding legal heirs of deceased land owner with complete pegigree table.
6)Death Certificate Of land owner(If applicable)

If the successful applicant fails to submit the requite proof/document/affidavit within the prescribed period or is found to have concealed facts even given wrong information, then in that case the allotment letter shall not be issued and application money deposit shall be forfeited.

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