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Sr.No. Name of the Head Amount to be paid
1. Earnest Money Deposit Of Institutional / Religious/ Commercial Site
2. Conversion Charges
3. Development Charge From Released Land
4. Ashiana Scheme Installment Money
5. Rent Of Ashiana Flat
6. Purchase of additional FAR of regularised licenced colonies
7. MISC. (RTI, Admin Appeal, ,Duplicate Paper Fee etc.)
8(i). Sale of Trees and Grasses(HSN-4403)
8(ii). CGST on Grass and Trees(2.5%)
8(iii). SGST on Grass and Trees.(2.5%)
9(i). Sale of Forms(HSN-4901)
9(ii). CGST on Sale of Forms.(2.5%)
9(iii). SGST on Sale of Forms.(2.5%)
10(i). Sale of Maps(HSN-4906)
10(ii). CGST on Sale of Maps.(6%)
10(iii). SGST on Sale of Maps.(6%)
11(i). Building Rent
11(ii). CGST on Building Rent.(9%)
11(iii). SGST on Building Rent.(9%)
12. Incidential Open Space
Total 0.00